In E-commerce, the term feedback refers to the comment that the buyer has the opportunity to leave about the entire shopping experience. Thus, not only about the quality of the product, but on the entire online purchase process: from the request of information, to the choice of the payment method option, shipping times, packaging, as well as on the actual conformity of product characteristics to the online description.

Customer’s feedback, for a company that sells online, is a concrete and indispensable calling card.

Company’s reputation strongly relies on customers’ feedback.

The well-known e-commerce platform eBay used feedback system as the core of buyer protection. Therefore, feedback is a real double-edged weapon for enterprises and the only ones who can control them are customers. All positive or negative feedback remains online as evidence of company’s efficiency and products quality.

Many companies believe that online shopping experience is over once products have been delivered. Actually, that’s a big mistake.

Very important for the creation of a good online reputation is the after-sales service offered to the customer: times and attitude in assisting customers, the ability and willingness to solve problems that may occur using that product.

This of course without overlooking the actual customer satisfaction on products’ quality itself.

We decided to integrate an internal feedback system in our e-shop. After online registration and purchasing process, our customers are free to leave a comment on the purchased products and customer service, without any moderation on our part. We only kindly ask customers to use a respectful and polite terminology.

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