The e-commerce challenge has been the trump card of Caffè Carbonelli. Thanks to the Web, our micro-artisan enterprise has found new momentum, overcoming the productive stalemate of the Italian SME, consequence of the global crisis, pursuing innovation through technology, not overlooking/giving up on product quality.

Today, we are convinced that e-commerce is an instrument of absolute value, an opportunity of primary importance for artisan companies.

Thanks to our professionalism and our preparation in this field, we have been able, in a few years, to receive several awards for our services and products.

The digital journey of Caffè Carbonelli is now a successful case history. From the SMAU 2011 to 2013 awards for innovation and ICT in the category e-commerce and web marketing, Caffè Carbonelli story has been published by the illustrious weekly magazine “L’Espresso”, in the economics section, with an article entitled “Saved by the web”.

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