Made in italy: digital italian excellence

According to Google Italy, as the e-commerce grows globally, small and medium-sized enterprises registered higher revenue, a major percentage of exported products and a higher level of productivity employing more people. However, only few Italian small and medium-sized enterprises have already fully gained a position on the digital market.

For this reason, in 2013, Google in a partnership with Ca’ Foscari university of Venice and the Symbola Foundation created “Eccellenze in Digitale”. Announced in 2013 by Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Google, “Eccellenze in Digitale” was the first concrete demonstration of a wider plan called “Made in Italy”, focused on the digitalization of Italian SMEs by Google.

Today, www.eccellenzeindigital.it platform collects and shares all the case studies of those SMEs entrepreneurs who have successfully joined the web in the course of their business journey.

Caffè Carbonelli is one of the first companies to meet the intuition and innovation of “Eccellenze in Digitale” plan. As stated in the title of the report published by “L’Espresso”, our company from the risk of bankrupt and divestment of the brand was “Saved by the web”, through e-commerce, becoming an example for all those SMEs approaching the experience of digitalization.

Luca Carbonelli, Sales&marketing Manager of Caffè Carbonelli, remarks upon the central value of product quality, which the digitalization process makes even more important to preserve.

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