Ese coffee pods and fap capsules

ESE pods and FAP coffee capsules consumption started at the beginning of ‘80s, but it only flourished at the end of ‘90s.
ESE stands for Easy Serving Espresso, namely the use of coffee pods to facilitate the preparation of a good espresso coffee. Every pod, a prepacked single-dose of about 7grams pressed ground coffee, is sealed among two fine filter paper layers.

ESE pod standard gradually consolidated as the only “open” system for espresso coffee, for this reason is easily compatible with many branded coffee machines.

FAP capsule consists in a small PVC capsule containing 7 grams of pressed ground coffee, then hermetically sealed.

Despite of ESE pods, FAP capsule was over time subjected to many personalization from coffee manufacturers, especially for branded capsule format and coffee machines’ emanation system.

Besides raw materials (plastic) costs, branded capsule format and coffee emanation system increase the price, compared to ESE pods system; every coffee manufacturer try to maintain their price range both for branded espresso machines and FAP capsule, forcing customers to purchase the right capsule for a specific coffee machine, such as Nespresso®, Illy Caffè®, Lavazza a Modo Mio® capsule system.

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