From bean selection to blending

From the very early stages, we do care about our partners selection, from which we import high quality raw green coffee beans. We rely on those certifications attesting hygiene and health standards compliance, from cultivation to selection of coffee beans, as well as transport by ship and delivery to our plants/factory.

Raw green coffee beans are transported in 60kg jute bags, carefully arranged so that the air filter through bags and preserves coffee beans from mould.

Most people talk about Arabica and Robusta coffees all the time, but very few of them really know the differences between these two plantations.

We often make a huge mistake by comparing those two categories, which leads us to think that Arabica is an excellent coffee, while Robusta has a poor quality. Well, it’s not exactly like that. It is possible to prepare an excellent cup of coffee with 100% Arabica blend, which lends the coffee a sweet and soft flavour. But it is also possible to make an equally excellent cup of coffee with a lower percentage of Arabica, taking advantage of all qualities of Robusta coffee, which lend coffee full-bodied flavour, creating a perfect harmony between the two categories.

Selection of the plantations is key; the blending is obtained with a wise dosage of these two types of coffees. “Santos” is the Arabica coffee par excellence and Brazil is the largest producer.

There are many areas of origin of coffee, each one with different organoleptic characteristics of the coffee. “Santos” is generically referred to the port of loading.

Our five Caffè Carbonelli blends are born from the attention to these details and thanks to the exact combination of green coffees beans specialties.

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