Our success on eBay

ebayeBay is actually one of the most popular and used ecommerce platform. After we successfully sold a pair of sunglasses, we joined eBay as seller in 2006, selling via auction a kit of coffee pods: it received 5 bids and has been sold at sixteen Euros. After six months, with the power seller certification, we’ve been mentioned by the eBay team as best seller for SMEs category.
Our company’s value proposition and our story of success on eBay is still described in the ecommerce account.
Actually, despite the migration of several customers on our direct ecommerce platform www.caffecarbonellishop.com , we can consider ourselves as one of the best sellers for tea, coffee and infusions for sales volume, positive feedbacks rate, and approval grade for customer service. On eBay, it’s very common to find many offers for different coffee brands, such as Lavazza, Nespresso, Illy and so on, proposed by different professional sellers, that usually show price variations for the same product.
In some cases, the same product has an increased price on eBay compared to the one proposed on the owned ecommerce, due to eBay sales commissions.
In other cases, some sellers deny customers’ requests to pay with PayPal, the safest payment method.
For all these cases, we recommend choosing a seller not only for quality-price ratio but also for his professionalism.
Here in Carbonelli, as coffee manufacturer, we guarantee a superior product quality, and above all, exclusive priority for our customer satisfaction.

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