Micro enterprise web 2.0: the social commerce

Web 2.0 refers to all those online applications that allow a high level of interaction between users and the web.

A young company pursuing innovation and putting into play the secrets of the historical artisan tradition of coffee processing in a completely new way. That’s our identity; This is what we want to express with our communication model.

In order to ensure a direct and efficient relationship with our customers, our customer service is always ready to accept orders and respond to all customers information requests, doubts or concerns, satisfying all your expectations.

Our toll-free number is 800.199.717. In addition, you can always reach us on all most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram. You can interact with us at any time, keeping updated on our promotions and actively participating in our business life, by writing comments on our products, recommending the best blend, sharing experiences and information about Caffè Carbonelli with your friends. On our Pinterest and Instagram channels you can find daily updates about our coffee, showing our commitment to coffee manufacturing.

On our YouTube channel you can also find spots and interviews of Caffè Carbonelli managers and our branding, communication and art projects.

The most important element of our communication strategy is our company blog, where we share posts and ideas.  Our blog “Il salotto del caffè” is a “virtual” place made of freedom of knowledge and expression, where we talk about cooking, marketing, medicine, art, sport, economics, thanks to the contribution of professionals, opinion leaders and friends. But it is only through your participation and opinion that Caffè Carbonelli can grow and expand in a truly shared way.

The customer is at the very heart of our business. Our growth is the result of our customers’ advices and critics. We are always available for constructive discussion: we let our coffee consumers discuss with us and feel free to publish their own consideration about our products. Our customers opinion has always been, is and will always be our strength.

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