Carbonelli Roasting Coffee was born by a passion: coffee passion. In 1946, Pietro Carbonelli, only ten years old, start to learn the secret for a good coffee manufacturing, through the little streets of a historical, creative city of Naples, where every day, from the first morning hours to late evening, the unique and persistent scent came from a tazzulella ‘e cafè, the coffee cup.

It was during the second post-war time that Pietro, among study and street soccer with friends, earned some extra tips working in the uncle’s grocery store.

At the time, cafés and grocery stores’ owners bought small amounts of green coffee beans to cook by themselves with small kitchen roasters, mixing their own blend for their cafés or their customers.

At the end of ‘60s, Pietro began to collaborate with the most famous and ancient Neapolitan coffee roasting businesses, improving his knowledge about green coffee. Then, in 1981, he established in Melito di Napoli the Carbonelli Roasting Coffee where, with his passion and experience in coffee culture, began to produce coffee with oat wood-fire roasting technique, considered by him the only artisan method to give coffee a unique aroma, that can still be found in our Vesuvio, Santa Lucia, Napoli, Arabica Gold and Arabica Extra blends.

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