The effects of coffee: history and legends

In ancient times, the effects of coffee were subject of suggestive prejudices.

Some praised coffee, attributing to it even miraculous properties, while opponents invented unlikely side effects to protect their interests. 

After the introduction of modern medicine, it’s been possible to better identify the possible effects of caffeine on health.

It is said that in Marseilles, wine merchants to protect their business by the success of the new beverage, spread the fake news that coffee caused impotence; they made up the story of a Persian emperor who, after drinking coffee, lost all his interest in women and that such side effects were so powerful to induce horse farmers to give coffee to animals that had to be castrated.

However, in Sweden, Gustav III decided to dispel all doubts by converting a death sentence of two twins into a life sentence but obligating a twin to drink everyday two cups of tea and the other one two cups of coffee. Both twins survived to the punishment and the one who drank coffee lived even longer than his brother.

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