Coffee in the world

Between the 17th and the 18th centuries, coffee reached England, where there was a flourishing of Coffee Houses; However, due to commercial interests, local government favored the consumption of tea.

In the same period, coffee arrived in Russia; in 1638, the retreating Ottoman Turks left several coffee bags, which made the fortune of a local businessman who decided to open a coffee shop.

In France, a few years later, Louis XIV, a great coffee passionate, asked for coffee’s seedlings for the town’s botanical garden.

It was from these seedlings that a young naval officer stole a green raw coffee bean and secretly brought it to the settlers of Martinique who started a prosperous cultivation.

This news arrived quickly in Brazil whose emperor decided to send an emissary to Martinique in order to procure coffee beans. It is said that, despite Martinique’s government denial, the beauty of the Brazilian emissary seduced the young wife of the local governor; thus, she decided to give him a bouquet in which were hidden some coffee buds; And just like that, Coffee from brazil started to conquer the New World.

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