Product safety is one of our prerogatives.

We are convinced that vacuum bags packaging is now outdated, as it could be subject to punctures, putting coffee powder in contact with the air, risking the alteration of the aromas.

Our Coffee in grains and fresh ground coffee blends are packaged in triple layer aluminium film bags, with the innovative aroma saver valve system. The triple aluminium layer protects coffee from environmental variations; also, the saves aroma valve inside the bags favours the partial leakage of gases produced by coffee, but being unidirectional, it does not allow air from the outside to enter the bags, thus ensuring the aromas to remain unaltered. Same material is used to produce E.S.E pods external pack and single-dose capsules.

In the production phase, E.S.E pods are wrapped in a double layer of filter paper, then sealed in vacuum bags; in the next phase, pods are packaged in a single dose aluminium paper triple layer, in which is inserted the necessary amount of nitrogen for the preservation of flavorings.

Same procedure for capsules with FAP system, but with different material in which the coffee is contained, which is no longer the filter paper, but the plastic pvc.

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