Manufacture and distribution

With our two roaster machines, with a productive capacity respectively of 30kg and 60kg, we register a daily production of 2160kg of coffee beans, ready to be processed into E.S.E Pods and FAP capsules, to be shipped throughout Italy, Europe, USA, Australia and Asia.

Our national sales network is totally direct. Even our local dealers always have our company as a reference point.

Our express courier picks up our products purchased on www.caffecarbonellishop.cpm e-shop 24/7 to deliver them within 24 hours.

At the same time, every day we sort pallets for our local dealers, which will be delivered in 24/48H.  Punctuality of our deliveries is one of the primary factors of our success.

Our services ensure that the customer, private or a local distributor, is satisfied not only by the product, but also by the entire shopping experience.

We strive to create a collaboration that goes beyond the simple customer/supplier relationship, to meet the expectations of all the parties involved in the purchase process.

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