Coffee properties: caffeine pros and cons

About coffee properties, many debates have been opened for years among supporters and opponents until, in 1970 and 1972, three conventions on Bio pharmacology were held to discuss about the topic: attendees, such as nutritionist experts, dietitians and doctors, reached the conclusion that coffee assumption, if took with moderation, doesn’t cause any health issue, instead contributes to take health benefits.

Coffee, as nervous system stimulating drink, improves the concentration level and gives a pleasant sense of wellness.

In addition, caffeine acts as heart vasodilator, improving the blood flow in the heart, and as brain vasoconstrictor, helping for migraine treatment. Also, it helps in digestion process increasing gastric acids secretion. However, all mentioned benefits can change in health issues such as alteration of heart rate, anxiety and insomnia status when the recommended dose of three cups a day is exceed.

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