We consider roasting as the coffee soul.

In this part, our selected green coffee beans release all the organoleptic characteristics, creating that fruity or chocolate aroma that can be found in your cup.

We still roast our coffee with the ancient wood-fired technique, using only well-stored, seasoned oak wood to avoid humidity makes temperature leaps during roasting process.

This process is more slowly than modern gas cooking method. Coffee is roasted in oven with a temperature from 180 to 200 Celsius degree, under a steady supervision of production manager.

Roasting time varies from 18 to 24 minutes, depending on roasting grade chosen for our blends, such as light, medium and dark roast, and for the different origin places and properties of every coffee variety used for our blends.

During this process, coffee beans are dried to discharge humidity, increase their volume, and drop 18% of their weight.

We pursued this way, in addition to a constant supervision process, to give coffee a homogeneous roasting of beans, to intensify and exalt in your cup all the properties of every coffee specialty we use to make Caffè Carbonelli blends.

Here in Carbonelli, we are sure that the perfect product is not the result of a static mechanical operation but requires the passion and devotion of the man for his work.

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