Coffee and cigarette: a dangerous habit

The myth of coffee and cigarette duo has not a certain origin, and someone tried to find it in psychology. Usually, coffee is linked to a break from work, study or from daily troubles. For this reason, it is well paired with another relaxing practice: cigarette smoking.

The bad habit of smoking a cigarette after a coffee is the plot of “Coffee and cigarettes”, a 2003 short film collection where the characters always smoke a cigarette with a coffee cup ahead, therefore criticized as a mean to spread this bad practice.

Many scientific studies held by well-known research centres of international medicine proved that combined assumption of caffeine and nicotine causes serious harmful effects on cardiocirculatory system, such as aorta thickening, resulting in blood pressure increase and heart stress, in addition to artery early decay.

For this reason, we suggest ending the coffee practice, eating a good chocolate, safeguarding the heart health.

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