Coffee is the most drank beverage in the world after water. This is the utmost relevant web information we found when searching for facts on the most known drink in all world cultures, as well as on the product of the soil from which it is derived. This fact leads to an endless information archive on coffee considered in all its aspects, from the raw green coffee cultivation methods to the various processing techniques, which, at the end of process, give us – and let us taste – all varieties of espresso coffee. In this section, we examined some of the main web searched topics linked to the word “coffee” , while sharing with you our coffee culture that has always identified and inspired the Caffè Carbonelli philosophy. We will closely observe the origins of the coffee plant and how it grows around the world, as well as the story of its diffusion; then we will tell you about the production procedures chosen to determine the quality and taste of our coffee. Lastly, we will share information on the connection between coffee and health as well as keeping you updated on the most innovative and original uses you can make of coffee, from beans up to the ready to drink beverage. Are you ready to fulfil all your curiosities on coffee with us?

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